Best Album I Expected to Hate: Crocodiles – Endless Flowers

Crocodiles Endless Flowers album cover

Noise pop is a fickle bitch. Too noisy and the more “pop” side of the crowd will leave you behind and claim “experimental” or even, gasp, “avant-garde,” while if you skew too poppy you’re just fucking trash, sell-outs before you’ve sold, and have a scar on your face for the rest of your career like a snitch in prison. Riding the X-Acto edge thin line is Crocodiles with their third, and possibly most impressive, album. It was mostly the company I was keeping at the time, but¬†ultimately¬†my own doing in the end. The wall of noise that this album creates is nothing short of breathtaking and blended with poppy radio hits, you’ll wonder why, if it’s so easy, more bands aren’t doing it. It’s not, and that’s the trick. Making it sound so easy and natural, as though the music is just an extension of themselves.

Recommended Track: Dark Alleys

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