Best Cover Album: Off! – Off!

off album cover

I apologize if the joke of this category is lost. Keith Morris has done what we all expected Keith Morris to do at some point, attempt to recreate the sound and brutality that Black Flag dripped of. The Circle Jerks just weren’t up to snuff, and all of his other side projects were ephemeral, so he comes full circle (get it) to a bad that couldn’t sound more like early Black Flag. With the main exception being that Dimitri Coats can’t muster up the exploding intensity of Greg Ginn’s guitar playing, deal with it. Ginn could swap between hardcore, jazz and blues at the tip of a cow, and you’d never even notice it until you paid attention. That was the magic of Black Flag, it wasn’t you Morris, I’m sorry to say. But for all of that Off! has put out a stellar debut LP, building off of their collection of 7″s from the year before, that reminds us all that old age doesn’t necessarily mean slowing down. It does mean remembering how fast you were, though.

Runner Up: A Place to Bury Strangers – Worship