Blame It On The Rain

Yes I’ve been deep into Game Dev Story and that’s why I didn’t post at all yesterday. In fact, if it wasn’t for Kat calling me last night I may never have realized it was after midnight.

Today is just a blah kind of day. I’m expecting to slip and fall on the way home, so maybe I’ll write about that later but I don’t have too much to listen to. It’s been a busy week in CakePHP, but I guess that’s more or less what the job is supposed to be and I had just gotten lucky before.

But I just wanted to drop in and say what’s up. I’ve been listening to the new Monster Magnet album Mastermind, which is still growing on me, and the latest Flight EP The Lead Riders. Hopefully I can get off my lazy ass and actually write up something about one of them soon.

It’s not that I don’t want to write, it’s just that I listen to so many podcasts that I lose track of time and end up not listening to any music for 3, 4, 12 days. So what podcasts have I been listening to?

Puck Nuts of course, and with the Devils doing so poorly this season I need something to help me laugh. But thankfully they were able to defeat defending Stanley Cup Champs the Chicago Blackhawks in a game that I was almost sure was going to end up in overtime. I’ll be at the Devils VS Rangers game tomorrow, which the Devils better fucking win.

Hollywood Babble-On is another one of the new Smodcast Podcasts I’ve been listening to, along with Jay and Silent Bob Get Old and the uber popular, always classic Smodcast. I’ve dropped almost all of the SPs after listening to them all for a while.

And of course, there are the video game podcasts. Giant Bombcast is easily the best video game podcast I have listened to. GB always goes long, and if you have the time I highly recommend listening to it. Of the IGN podcasts Beyond and Game Scoop are the only two I still listen to, but they do have a decant amount of other podcasts, both video game and non-game related. Gamers With Jobs is podcast I’m just starting to get into but I’ve been enjoying it so far. 1UP probably has the biggest network of podcasts available for gamers but they’re not for everyone. In This Thread is pretty good and when they have interviews it’s really incredible and in-depth. Active Time Babble is my favorite of the 1up casts and if you’re a mega RPG fan like me you have no reason to ignore this one, it’s full of games you love and tons you’ve never heard of before. Or maybe it’s just me and I’m just not that cool. Well, we know that’s true but I’d think that would mean I’d know more RPGs, it’s a weird line to walk.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Just a quick update in lieu of something real. Go read Adam’s last post again if you’re looking for something with substance, it’s the only decent writing to be published on this site in fucking weeks.