Brand New Era

I heard some of that new U2 album.

It’s weird listening to old Radiohead albums like The Bends and Pablo Honey and really seeing how much they wanted to be U2. Even during a lot of OK Computer it is just obvious that Thom is doing a Bono impersonation.  I love Radiohead to death and they just rererereleased these original albums with bonus stuff that you probably have already if you have any of the incarnations of Towering Above the Rest. Being a big Radiohead fan I’m sure I’d get a lot of shit from other fans (if anyone even read this web site) for saying how much I really can’t stand those first albums. I liked OK Computer OK but I just don’t care for the first half of that album, from Fitter Happier on I think the album is really good (even the over pretentious "Fuck you Americans" that is The Tourist ). Without Electioneering OK Computer would be (to me of course) a throw away album with a few decent tracks but nothing too mind shattering or expansive. But people were calling them more Pink Floyd at this point anyway and the whole U2 thing kind of fell off.

So that is a really long side note to what I wanted to say: I think it’s funny how intensely U2 wants to be Radiohead now.

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