Broken Social Scene @ Ottawa Bluesfest 05

Here is a killer show by everyone’s favorite supergroup Broken Social Scene at (as the title of this article indicates) the Ottawa Bluesfest all the way back in 2005. I got this online a few months back, and I have no idea where from but it’s just a great show and it sounds awesome. Check out the set list, if you like BSS you’ll want to pick this up
immediatly, it has a great mixture of songs from their two main releases. If you have never listened to BSS before, now’s your chance.

Set List:
Jimmy and the Photocall
Stars and Sons
Tech troubles / I Wanna Be A Protester
Cause = Time
Fire-Eyed Boy
Ibi Dreams of Pavement
Looks Just Like The Sun
Anthems For A 17 Year-Old Girl
Handjobs For The Holidays
Late 90’s – Shampoo Suicide
Almost Crimes
Major Label Debut
Lover’s Spit
K.C. Accidental

And here’s the link:


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