Bub and Bob

Shellshag always makes me thing of Bubble Bobble. When is that show? I’ve gotta get on that, I haven’t been to a show in forever.

The Brendan Majewski Tribute Show looks like it’ll be a good time, details for all those who don’t know:

Wednesday, April 20 at 8:00 PM @ Union Pool – Brooklyn NY

Brendan Majewski Tribute Show
featuring performances by Krallice, Obits, Mira Bilotte (of White Magic & Quix*o*tic), & Dope Body
DJ sets by Bob Nickas & Jacob Kassay
Funds raised will be given to Brendan’s family to pay for expenses

Definitely worth checking out to anyone who can make it.

Listenin to any albums recently? The new Meat Puppets or anything?

Do you want me to purchase shortwaverockin.org?