C I A Man

I went to see the new Coen brothers movie Burn After Reading last weekend. I was a little unsure of it at times, but by the end I thought it was great. It came together beautifully. The last scene was the funniest. I stand up ready to leave, but the best part of the movie was far from over. “Who can kill a general in his bed. Overthrow dictators if they’re red. Fucking A Man CIA Man.” I had to wait for the credits to tell me it was the Fugs. Tigs is a big Fugs fan and he gave me a bunch of stuff, but none of it sounded like this. So I went home and listened to “CIA man,” but the only version I had was from The Fugs First Album and its nothing like the one in the movie. So I tried to find it and no luck until someone put it on Demonoid. I had to have my friend use his password just to download it. So here it is for you because I had such a hard time finding it and because not all of us have Demonoid passwords.

The version I think is from the Fugs Refuse to be Burnt Out live album from 1985.

The song is great and its perfect for the end of the movie. Here it is. Enjoy.