Closing in Right On You

Here are two bootlegs from the Screaming Trees. Both were found at Time for Light.

The first is an early radio show from 87. The cover of “No Fun” is particularly excellent. The recording is pretty good. One song that I think is better than the studio version is “Orange Airplane.”

October 18, 1987
Splat Winger’s Brain Cookies show
KXLU Los Angeles

01 (fade in) Clairvoyance
02 Cold Rain
03 Other Days and Different Planets
04 (are we communicating?)
05 No Fun (The Stooges)
06 Orange Airplane
07 Tales of Brave Ulysses (Cream)
08 (goofin’ off)
09 Straight Out To Any Place
10 Lines and Circles
11 The End (The Doors)
total length: 32:22

This is a little bit later, the sound quality is sometimes great, sometimes horrible. Some of this playlist is wrong, but its hard to tell with the huge chunks of unsplit tracks. My favorite Trees song is on here- “Ivy” and the live version kicks the shit out of you. I know nothing about drumming, but man, after listening to this bootleg, Barrett Martin sounds like one of the best. The download is worth it for only “Subtle Poison” Enjoy.

Screaming Trees
January 28, 1992
Town Pump
Vancover, BC

Time for Light
Alice Said
Uncle Anesthesia
Windows (continued)
Subtle Poison
Bed of Roses
Shadow of the Season
Change Has Come
End of the Universe
(encore break)
Ocean of Confusion (cut)
Cold Rain
Caught Between
Secret Kind jam