Come Up With Daily life and Demise

Come Up With Daily life and Demise17 Statements

Liz on this page.

Confession time: I love when renowned individuals who are internet dating end up being one statement. Brangelina. Bennifer. The essays online at complete cast of Glee. In advanced schooling, my buddy Cassie started courting this chap Brent, and Brassie came into this world.

This sensation possesses a label, and since trainees belonging to the French tongue, I want deploying it: portmanteau.

A portmanteau is known as a phrase that would be fashioned out of the blending of two ideas. Though we might start seeing it most in famous marriages, portmanteaux (the plural of portmanteau portmanteaus, for any considerably less linguistically bold) have been popular for quite some time. Lewis Carroll provided the saying its cutting-edge utilization in Via the Shopping Glass, Carroll’s sequel to Alice’s Journeys in Wonderland, so we like a our society have rarely appeared back again.

Not having portmanteaux, we wouldn’t have sporks or brunch or Destiny’s Child’s Bootylicious. I recognize I’ve mentioned you shouldn’t comprise text, but mixing two by now-pre-existing text together with each other? I 100 % service that.

And there will be the struggle.


You know what’s moving.

Create for 15 minutes about an relationship in between Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and their minimal implemented and real children. Come up with some portmanteaux to explain the world and then to pepper the talking. Blog post your energetic landscape through the opinions so we can share in the insanity.

And if you post, be certain to discuss two or three other articles or blog posts and benefit your other Providers out.

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