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Tigs here with BIG NEWS. Here it is…a Short Wave Rockin Original recording.

That, however, is not a Short Wave Rockin Original picture…more info on that later…just to keep you reading.

Adam, Andrew Dunn (you don’t know him…neither do we), and myself attended the Daniel Johnston show at the Highline Ballroom last week. It was a pretty good show but I’ll let the show speak for itself and you can all make up your own minds.

You can hear me pretty clearly throughout the show, which sucks. I laugh loud and like a moron, so if you’re like “who’s than annoying kid” it’s probably me. I don’t think I’m “WOOOOOOOOOOOOO”ing at any point though, so that annoying kid isn’t me. It might be…I don’t really remember.

You can hear Adam and myself discussing the recording at one point too, me screaming out a few songs and I think you can hear all three (that’s including the Dunn that I speaking of) of us laughing during Daniel’s Dream pretty clearly. None of that is important, just wanted to make fun of Dunn.

The first half of the show was acoustic, which I was taping, and the second half was with a full band, which Adam taped. You can also watch a bunch of it here (also where I stole the above image from, thanks):

As a special bonus show, I am also going to post Daniel Johnston’s show from September 4th of 2007, which my cousin Johnny taped. I really wish I went to that show, I think I like it better. But Daniel is Daniel so I’ll take anything I can get. Johnny did a great job of taping and I thank him a thousand times because this show is just amazing.

So I don’t know a few of the track names, so I guessed a couple of time or just left it blank, if anyone knows, please comment, as that would be super duper.

Daniel Johnston @ Highline Ballroom 2-21-08
1 – Mean Girls Give Pleasure (??)
2 – There Is A Sense of Humor (??)
3 – Daniel’s Dream
4 – Mask
5 – Life in Vain
6 – Livin Life
7 – Silly Love
8 – Hey Joe
9 – You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
10 – Speeding Motorcycle
11 – Fish
12 – Love Enchanted
13 – Mountain Top
14 – Walking the Cow
15 – encore break (for all of those who want a seamless transition…)
16 – True Love Will Find You in the End

Live September 4th 2007
1 There Is A Sense of Humor (??)
2 Mean Girls Give Pleasure (??)
3 03 Track
4 Mask
5 Life in Vain
6 Living Life
7 Hey Joe
8 Bloody Rainbow
9 Fish
10 Speeding Motorcycle
11 11 Track
12 Without You (??)
13 Silly Love
14 Walking the Cow
15 Mountain Top
16 Greivances
17 Go
18 True Love Will Find You In The End
19 You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
20 Devil Town

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