Debut of the Year: Heaven’s Gate – High Riser EP

Too scatterbrained for ultimate mass acceptance, though this Brooklyn group definitely has the chops for it. Where Best Coast takes the surf rock formula and dusts it off a bit, Heaven’s Gate drags it through the mud to give exactly what I’ve wanted from this revival of sorts. Jess Paps vocals are a beast, I only wish she would let go a bit more. When you cannot understand a word she is saying the songs really take off into this beautiful sludge that you might hear while sitting in your favorite dive bar crab shack. And when you can understand her, at least she’s not just singing about boys and weed, and her problems with boys, and her problems with weed, and her problems with boys because of weed… though I guess that wouldn’t be so bad either. Dig that twang too, buzz buzz buzz.

Recommended Track: Skin Weed