Double Dagger – Masks EP


The last time I wrote about Double Dagger, in my ignorance and failing attempts at being clever, I completely dismissed a major part of the band: no guitars. How this slipped my mind, I am not sure. The bass sounds like a damn guitar sometimes. The dude plays bass chords that could easily be a guitar with Not Even Slinkys played via a Blues Driver into an Ampeg bass amp, which is what I do. It’s not, though. It’s just a bass. I paid much more attention to it on the bands new EP, Masks, which I bought on iTunes because I was drunk and impatient and needed something new. To my surprise, the digital copy came with art and a booklet. I think this is great. It even opens in my iTunes. Now, if only I could get digital booklets to all the less than legal albums I have on my computer. Someday.

My review of the EP and this band can be summed up with my feelings for the song “Sleeping with the TV On,” a 6 minute and 41 second kick ass punk song. There aren’t many of those. I am of the Minutemen philosophy of cutting the fat, but this song keeps it interesting the whole time. I concentrated on his bass sound, which is one of the most different bass sounds I’ve ever heard. It’s pretty cool to hear him click one pedal off while playing the same bass line. He does cheat with some dual bass tracks towards the middle, but its excusable. The lyrics are the best I’ve heard from this band: starts up in the clouds (when you live two lives, which is your own?) lands on the couch (I’m ready for an all new season of sleeping with the TV on), and ultimately brings the philosophy to real life (you said we’re most beautiful when we struggle/ well sometimes my life has more beauty than I can handle…this beautiful jacked up rent). I need more music like this: honest and different, yet when you listen, you know right away it’s this fucking band.