A long while back I wrote a post about all these music epiphanies hitting me at once in a long dramatic post about police brutatlity, kansas city and the beatles white album. Well, I forgot one. While I was in Missouri I found an Alan Sherman record as I was diggin thru my friend’s LPs. The album is called My Son, the Nut and its from 1963. The first track on side B is the very famous “Hello Mudah, Hello Fadduh (A Letter from Camp)” You know all the words already. Two tracks later is “Rat Fink.” Maybe its a well known fact that the Misfits did not write this song, but I had no idea. It gets better. Just now I was looking into Alan Sherman’s version and his is a parody of a song from 1950 by the fucking Ames Brothers. The original is called “Rag Mop.”

Witness the evolution: