Feedin the Sharks 10-06-10

Alright, what have I been listening to…

Abe Vigoada – Crush: Pretty good, only listened twice so far but very fun. Guitars & synthesizers, post punk collages, definitely worth checking out. I haven’t heard any of their albums prior to this one but I will. Sort of like New Order meets Wire at the bar of Mercury Lounge late on a Tuesday night before they have to go their separate ways, only to realize they’re both going to the same place after all.

Women – Public Strain: Only one listen under my belt, I was a little bored by this highly anticipated release. I wasn’t anticipating it because I hadn’t heard anything by Women before this, but there was a lot of talk around the office. I guess that’s what I get for listening to water cooler talk. But to be fair I didn’t give it enough of a chance yet. I do love the cover.

Deerhunter – Halycon Digest: An album I had been waiting for, but not intently after their previous. At first I was underwhelmed, but maybe I just wasn’t in the right mood. I found my eyes closing far too easily. So I filed it away in the dark and cool storage closet thinking our lives would part there forever. Then all the reviews started pouring in. More so than the water cooler talk, critical acclaim filled the internet and I thought maybe I missed something. And so, we met again, in the dark damp railways of NYC. Much more enjoyable the second time around, but I’m not convinced of it’s “masterpiece” status yet.

Cypress Hill – Strictly Hip Hop: I’m all for carrier retrospectives and over saturated greatest hits albums, and I’m more than excited that Cypress Hill has put one out with tons of alternate mixes and remixes that sound just as fresh as I remember them sounding back whenever the hell it was that I started listening. But please, if you’re going to have a Cypress Hill best of, you HAVE to include Pigs or there is just no fucking point.

Avey Tare – Down There: Being a big fan of Animal Collective it’s weird that I feel more excited for the solo albums from the artists more than I am excited for a new AC album. I was all about it until MPP and then it all just went to shit. So it’s nice to see Avey taking a page out of Panda Bears book, making his album a little more poppy, accessible, and (thankfully) playing forwards. But the album just leaves you wanting more. It’s short, and I love short album, but too short. It feels like some of the songs could have been extrapolated more, the sounds experimented in more. I feel weird actually saying I feel this album should have been longer, but after finishing it I just wanted more. Not the kind of more that playing the album again can remedy, but the kind that only the artist can. Here’s hoping for a lot more from Avey soon because he is ready to take over the spot light.

That’s all for now. See you in the funny pages.