First Live Show

Well I figured I should post something since Adam had done everything so far. This is Tigs, if you didn’t already know and I’ve decided to post Nirvana’s First Live show as my first post and the first music post so far. This is the legendary concert from March 7th(supposidly) 1987 at a house part in Seattle. To quote the review from, “This is the kind of disc that makes people collect bootlegs.” The sound quality isn’t the best, but what do you expect from a house party form 1987 in Seattle? It’s a solid show, but more worth it for the history of it. Any Nirvana fan needs this show. For everyone else, it’s a raw intense show that, if you can get past the sound quality, you’ll definatly enjoy it.
You can find a much better review along with track listing over at (now being hosted by

And of course the link to the file is: