Fix Me

I know we’ve been on hiatus for a while, but let’s see if we can start it up again. I had no idea people have been asking us to repost a lot of boots because of dead links. The megaupload links don’t seem to be dead, just the sendspace ones. So, hopefully all the dead links will be back up soon.
I’m starting with the Black Flag ones.
I’ll give you the straight megaupload links. If you don’t like megaupload, oh well.
I think I’ll do everything after this on Mediafire.

So here’s Black Flag-

Black Flag in San Diego -80

Black Flag at North Park Lions Club – 81

Black Flag in Tampa- 82

Black Flag Last Show- 6/28/86

Black Flag Live at Bier Keller in Bradford U.K. in 84 -FULL VIDEO

The show opens with Rollins reading this

“Tomorrow you may bring about the destruction of your world. Tomorrow you may sing in Paradise above the smoking ruins of your world-cities. But tonight I would like to think of one man, a lone individual, a man without name or country, a man whom I respect because he has absolutely nothing in common with you- MYSELF. Tonight I shall meditate upon that which I am.”

Henry Miller, 1934

then Ginn tears into “Nervous Breakdown”
It’s Great.


3 thoughts on “Fix Me

  1. yeah, if you get a chance to re-upload those Mats boots, that’d be appreciated.

  2. Hi- Thanks 4 the Black Flag shows! Great stuff. I think your site is killer! I wish you would fix the dead links though. Its so diappointing when you go to download a cool show and the link is dead.

  3. Hi, thanks for coming back and uploading these Black Flag bootlegs again! :-) I hope you have more Black Flag shows to share.

    Take it easy,

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