Friday Finishers: Television – Torn Curtain

Another week comes to a close, I wonder how many times I’ve said that on this site. Do you ever read what you’ve written, just pages and pages of it, and realize that you are continuously using the same semantics and cliched phrases? Anyway, as a close out to the week I think it’s time to start displaying some of our favorite closing tracks. First up the final track from Marquee Moon, one of the greatest albums of all time, a song about I have no fucking idea.

Torn Curtain reveals another play.
Torn Curtain, Such an expose!
I’m uncertain when beauty meets abuse.
Torn Curtain loves all ridicule.

Tears… tears rolling back the years
Years… Flowing by like tears.
Tears holding back the years.
Years. The tears I never shed.
The years I’ve seen before

Torn Curtain giving me the glance.
Torn Curtain bringing on the trance.
I’m not hurting: Holding to the thread.
Torn Curtain lifts me on the tread.

Torn Curtain feels more like a rake.
Torn Curtain – how much does it Take?
Burn it down
Tears, tears. Years, years.