Fugazi Economics

Fugazi means Fucked Up, Got Ambushed, Zipped In. Nam slang is what Wikipedia says. Says its a backronym, meaning it was a word and then the letter by letter labels were applied to it. Its not like SCUBA or FEMA, more like GOD standing for Gentle Obese Dentist. Well, Wikipedia wasn’t alive when this video was filmed, so lets get off that tangent. This video I found in the torrent world, which I have learned is very different than the blogworld. The two don’t really hang out that much. They should, though, because together they could bring down empires, or more exactly, the music empire that just got stronger today with the merger of Live Nation and TicketMaster. The new entitty is to be called the Fourth Reich. The THUMB. Or, less evil: Your Muzic God.
I am a purist and I think the music is GOD no matter how hard industries and commercials and un-creative owners try to take it and stow it away into nice neat little piles. The Music is God, but there are demigods and false gods and some that are as hallow as the wooden cross or the totem or tiki. In a sense Fugazi is a step-god, because it is the child of a long line of other bands, most immediately Minor Threat. In another sense, Fugazi is a titan, and all the little gods are those fuckers up in Seattle, and those 90s alterna-punk sing my emotions out bands…resulting in emo? possibly? but i’d never call them gods, they are more like sheep.

Let’s see where was I? Right…Fugazi playing the 3rd consecutive May 20th at 924 Gilman Street way over the left coast in 1990. I have been listening to the last 2 songs over and over now for a few days: “Song Number One” and “Blueprint.” Guy goes completely nuts at the end of #1, barely able to spit out sounds. Its great to see a band that can go so crazy and still play great music. Its intricate. Intricate noise. The guitars and his vocal chords make crazy sounds. When “Blueprint” comes on its hilarious to see the kids try to mosh, but its a slow slow beginning so they are just slowly bumping into each other like a pack of drunks, tho they are probably not drunk, its a Fugazi show, dammit!

Never mind what’s been selling
It’s what you’re buying

These final moments of the video are perfect for my above rant on money and music. Things should be done the Fugazi way. A Band’s economics should be modeled after Ian’s way of doing things. He’s militant in ways, but he’s in complete control of the $$ of his music. I see a war starting. A war between the LiveNationTicketmaster way and the other way. I hope the other way can survive…

Fugazi-Live May 20, 1990 at 924 Gilman Street. 35:49.

Thank you to whoever put this out there and added that nice title in the beginning.