Griefed! Podcast #109: Kinectlessness

I enjoy my Kinect. Never having one on the 360 has made the whole experience fresh to me after rejecting it for so long. Hopefully this doesn’t mean the end for support, but it’s scary to think that it could have a lasting effect. Then again, I haven’t gotten my Kinect fixed in over a month, so what does that say for it? Join Alex and myself as we discuss the removal of the Kinect from the Xbox One bundle, as well as Where is my Heart, Kentucky Route Zero Act III, Monument Valley, FTL Advanced Edition, Hack ’N’ Slash, Republique, Clash of Clans, Hearthstone, Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball, The Tesla Effect, Symphony of the Night and more on this episode of Griefed! Recorded on May 14th 2014.