Griefed! Podcast #115: People Aren’t Boats

This is a weird one. As though others aren’t, right? RIGHT? Seriously though, Alex and I had no idea’s coming into this one. We were going to do the Halfies this week but neither of us was ready for it. I’m not saying we will be next week necessarily, but we’ll figure it out. Anyway, this one we just talk for 3 hours with no agenda. The people aren’t boats bit is pretty good. I’m not sure where that starts though… anyways…. Join Alex and myself as we talk for HOURS about Earth Defense Force 2025, Boats, Limbo Vita, Pixel Junk Shooter Ultimate, Rainbow Moon, Pinkerton, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Always Sometimes Monsters, Valiant Hearts, Master Reboot, Broken Age and more on this episode of Griefed! Recorded on June 26th 2014.