Griefed! Podcast #121: Smoke’s on You

Do you believe? Remember those posters in the 90s when the X-Files was huge that said I want to Believe? Also, as a general question, do you believe? In anything? But really in Aliens. If you ever had any questions, you might want to listen to this latest episode, it’ll clear up a lot of thing. Join Alex and myself as we get intergalactic and extra dimensional guests, as well as talk about Rogue Legacy Vita, Shovel Knight, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record PS Now, Wolf Among Us, Skulls of the Shogun, Dark Souls 2, Road Not Taken, A Ghost Porno Page By Page, Even The Stars, WWE 2K14 and more on this episode of the Griefed! Podcast! Recorded on August 6th 2014.