Griefed! Podcast #45: The Awards Continue

Sorry I’m a bit (read: REALLY) late with this one, but it’s been kind of crazy around here. Anyway here are the second around of awards! We’ve been having a lot of fun with these awards and I hope you’ve been enjoying listening! Join Alex and I as we continue the awards ceremony! Recorded on January 2nd 2012.

Of course a list of our awards and, this time, the nominees:

Best Multiplayer:


Runners Up: Borderlands 2, Halo 4

Best iOS Game:


Runners Up: SpaceTeam, Super Hexagon

Best Soundtrack:

Hotline Miami

Runners Up: Fez, Soundshapes

Best Platformer:

Cloudberry Kingdom

Runners Up: Soundshapes, Fez

Best Service:


Runners Up: Steam, GOG

Best Open World Game:

Sleeping Dogs

Runners Up: Far Cry 3, Fez

Best RPG:

Mass Effect 3

Runners up: Borderlands 2, Kingdoms of Amalur