Griefed! Podcast #88: Multiplatform Game of the Generation

We’re back with another Griefed! Podcast! After the PS4 edition we wanted to do the Xbox One edition… but neither of us could get the system. I tried, I swear I did… I will get one, once I can I swear. New TV first though. I dunno, I just feel like that is important. Not that the new console’s aren’t, or that one is more important that the other… but the TV I have with HDMI is just too small and not even 1080p, and I just have to upgrade. OK!?!? Join Alex and myself as we decide upon the best multiplatform games of the generation, as well as talk about Call of Duty: Ghosts,Crazy Market, Bioshock: Infinite – Burial at Sea, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Super Mother Load, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Need for Speed Rivals, Red Dead Redemption, Resogun, Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, Assassins Creed: Libration, Ridiculous Fishing, Rayman Fiesta Run, The Room, Tearaway and more on this episode of Griefed! Recorded on November 24th 2013.