How Can You Want Me

Here is a nice Sonic Youth live show from the Riviera Theater in Chicago on October 5th, 1992. This show is from the Dirty-era of SY, and the set list definalty reflects this. Theresa’s Sound-world has always been one of my favorite SY tracks, so that (along with the name of this bootleg) is the main reason I picked this CD up. The sound quality leaves something to be desired, but it’s not terrible and it’s definatly listenable, it’s just difficult to hear who ever is singing. But with awesome performances of Silver Rocket and Teenage Riot how could you not want it?

Track Listing:
1 Shoot
2 100%
3 Kool Thing
4 Theresa’s Sound-world
5 Youth Against Fascism
6 Sugar Kane
7 Genetic
8 Swimsuit Issue
9 Purr
10 Drunken Butterfly
11 Silver Rocket
12 JC
13 Teenage Riot
14 Nic Fit

Download it here:


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