I bought a CD I already had on my computer!!

That’s right. I bought a CD the other day and I ALREADY had it downloaded on my computer in mp3 format. Here’s my attempt at your thoughts on this absolutely ridiculous purchase. Let me use multiple choice. I was always good at multiple choice. (The trick is to make a neat pattern so even if you fail it looks good.)

(a) Adam feels bad for the artist/musician because they are poor and suffering in this impossible economy.

(b) Adam is a moron.

(c) Adam was actually excited about the packaging of a physical musical entity.

(d) Adam had a gift card that covered more than half the cost.

(e) C and D

Well, if you know anything, the (e) option with its clever two options is more than half the time the right choice. If nothing else, play the odds! (e) is correct. The record? I bought World Painted Blood by Slayer. I was excited about the different album covers, each with a different piece of a blood and skulls globe. Unfortunately I got South America and not North America which is all FYE had. Bullshit FYE. I also like having the official lyrics instead of some jerk’s version on AZLYRICS.COM. I do not feel bad for Slayer regardless of Lombardo’s comments about people “stealing” music. I think the drummers are the bitches in these metal bands. I wonder if Hennemen cares? I’ve paid 60 bucks to see Slayer live and if they stop touring outside and headline a show themselves (no Manson) I will pay that again. I might even buy a shirt. They make lots of money touring and I think this is where music should reside anyway. Slayer knows that. This album has more of a “live” feel than anything since Reign in Blood. It was recorded at the same time more than any of the recent albums. I am a HUGE fan of this and think every real rock band should do this. This album sounds like it’s being pounded into your eardrums in your living room instead of being played on the top of a mountain with all the echoes of the wilderness.

Now, another question going back economics. Would I have purchased it without a gift card? Probably. I’ve been waiting for this album for a long time and I like to participate in music sometimes. I also like the smell. I didn’t realize this until just now when I looked for the lyrics to my favorite track, “Snuff.” New CDs smell great. It’s hard to describe, but when I free a CD of its plastic wrap, there’s a nice smell that brings me back to middle school and high school when the only way for me to get music was to physically go to a store and buy it.

Last asshole question: Does it sound any better? Holy shit yes. I usually don’t think about what I’m lacking in sound from my mp3s. I try to get the best quality I can and for albums I really like I either buy or track down CD quality recordings of. I guess since the mp3 version of World Painted Blood was an advance digital download, it was destined to sound shitty in comparison to the real deal. “Hate Worldwide” is a whole new beast on CD. It was my least favorite of the three leaked songs, but now its becoming one of my favorites. The best track is still easily “Psychopathy Red” but my favorite is “Snuff” because of the amazing Araya singing at the end. Pitchfork, who I should know better than to trust with any music review outside of pussy indie rock, likes the slow songs, or at least, thinks they are the best slow Slayer songs since Seasons. I think this is bullshit. The album fucking destroys on the first three tracks. “Beauty Through Disorder” is the most inconsistent track on the album. It’s too long and the parts don’t match up at all. I think Slayer made their best album in a long time, (and I’m a big fan of Christ Illusion) but they should still cut the fat. This album is 40 minutes, but could have been even better somewhere around 34 minutes. Reign in Blood, anyone?