I Have Always Been Here Before

What an act to follow. 32456 live DU songs. The funny thing is, I was one of those people that really wanted those bootlegs back up again because I didn’t download them all the first time around. What an idiot!! So Short Wave Rockin is back. Earlier this week Tigs said to me, “Hey! We should get Short Wave Rockin going again.” I said, “Who?” Then I took some time to mull it over and I remembered. “Oh yea, the music blog that we only post bootlegs on because we are scared shitless of the MAN.” But it is true, the MAN is pretty fierce. Lately, I’ve seen Nodatta among others fall victim to its fucking bloodthirst. Anyways, back to happier things, like aliens and zombies…

So Tigs promised you that I, Adam, would follow up with the greatest post ever, but I’m, sorry to say this is not it. It will come some day in February when you’ve forgotton about SWR all over again. I did want to get something out there, so I dug around and I found three videos in the attic of my computer. I forget where I got these, but I’m 99.77% positive it was not in the Totally Fuzzy universe. Here it is: Roky Erickson in all his madness. Some of the clips made it into You’re Gonna Miss Me, the recent documentary on Roky.
Oh, and even though Tigs and I have been absent. Roky Erickson has always been here, before.

13th Floor Elevators – You’re Gonna Miss Me – Where the Action is 1966.zip


Roky Erickson- Solo Acoustic.zip


13th Floor Elevators- Psychedelic Reprise Documentary


Let me dig around and I’ll post something BIG-

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  1. go on with roky… i’ve just discover your blog through totallyfuzzy (’bout daniel “the friendly ghost” johnston) and so happy to find roky ericskon stuff

    go on…

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