Ice Age versus Heavy Times

In 2011, two punk albums with similar philosophies, created on different contintents, came out. The first was lauded as one of the greatest best punk albums of modern post-post-punk times and all-around praised for breathing life into a genre (only assholes think) thought to be dead. That album was also included on many best of year-end lists, sometimes as one of the very few albums you could describe as LOUD with a straight face. The second album was released on a reputable American garage/punk label and got some reviews, mostly favorable, and that’s it. The first is Ice Age’s New Brigade. The second is Heavy Times’ Jacker. The first is shit. The second is beautiful.

The similarities on these two records is a little eerie. I’m probably making too much out of it, but fuck it, I’m bored, worked way too long today and my bottle of whiskey is still pretty heavy. Besides, I feel like picking on a bunch of Danish 19 year-olds who probably want nothing more than to write and play punk songs that will get them laid. Nothing wrong with that.

Ice Age Heavy Times
New Brigade Jacker
What’s Your Rupture? HoZac
12 songs 12 songs
24 minutes 22 and a half minutes
Copenhagen Chicago
skuzzy skuzzy
hi-fi lo-fi
OK with electronic music in punk OK with electionic music in punk
hooks hooks
joy divison cover band? stoner punk?
would not would
teenagers or early 20s no fucking idea
“Total Drech” “Erase the Sun”
“I am white ruin” “Cemetery at the hospital!”

While you can make comparisons to other bands with Heavy Times, it ain’t regurgitated bile. Heavy Times songs sound like they come from that same primal killer instinct section of the brain that birthed “Search and Destroy,” “Sailin On,” “Bob Dylan Wrote Propoganda Songs” or “Last Days of Man on Earth.” Ice Age sounds like they listened to Closer, Unknown Pleasures, Pink Flag and Entertainment! tossed it all in a blender and started bottling it as their own. Maybe I’m out of touch, but I’d probably listen to it and you could tell me its from England in 1979 and I’d fucking believe you. If I got Heavy Times, I’d at least know that Jay Reatard lived.

8 thoughts on “Ice Age versus Heavy Times

  1. Have you ever considered a job in music criticism? The way you dissected these two albums so accurately and fairly is a thing of beauty. I don’t know if two records released last year were MORE similar than these two. You really know your stuff, my friend.

  2. I think that David Fickle guy is fucking with you dude, because there is no way anyone could have possibly found that review insightful or interesting.

  3. Thanks Mr. Fricke! Though come on, I know you’re too busy listening to American Idiot over and over and over again than to read Short Wave Rockin. Thanks whoever this is.

  4. Second DAVID, you’re right. But beyond it not being insightful or interesting, it was definitely not FAIR. I don’t even think I got the Danish teenager band’s name right. It’s Iceage.

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