“I’m Talking Tall Boys” should be a country ballad

I don’t think we should change to a .org. Don’t you have to prove you help someone or don’t make money (because I know I’m making a bundle at this). Let’s stick with the .com because 5 years from now, they will probably have to invent a new ending because .com is too filled. Sort of like how porn is going to be on .xxx or something now. Ridiculous!

I got the new Meat Puppets, but didn’t listen to it yet. I did listen to Up on the Sun yesterday, though, because the weather called for it. I only listen to the Meat Puppets in nice weather when my windows are open for some reason. They are band that is very tied to the elements, and warm elements at that. ¬†OFF! on the other hand, that Keith Morris era Black Flag rehash band that I originally hated and now am sort of addicted to, is tied to emotions. The Twins lost in extras yesterday, horribly horribly horribly so I listened to the FOUR EPs. It’s pretty good, have you listened Tigs?

As for Siren, GOOD RIDDANCE! I hope 4Knots gets a good band or two, but I have little faith in it.

In other news, I did my taxes on Wednesday! SUPER EARLY, I know, and this year, unlike last year, I get money back from the man. I was so excited I went out and bought myself a 6 pack, but not the little 6 pack, I’m talking tall boys.