In Another Life I Was A Screen Door

So today, for your listening pleasure, I’ve decided to upload 3 Pavement Bootlegs (Green Around the Gills, Anybody Can Go, Summer Babe) that I have purchased over the years. Pavement is my favorite band and there are some great moments in these boots. All of them are great in their own way and they all sound pretty incredible. Anything Can Go has the best performance of Stereo I’ve ever heard. I could go on an on about these shows because they are all amazing (as Pavement always was) but instead I’ll just give you the track listings. If you don’t know Pavement…well, start listening. Start here, or there, where ever, it’s indie rock at it’s best (at least I think so).

Green Around The Gills: Live in Atlanta, GA March 94

1) Grounded

2) Silence Kit

3) 5-4 = Unity

4) Blackout

5) Two States

6) Cut Your Hair

7) In the Mouth A Desert

8) Fight this Generation

9) Elevate me Later

10) Newark Wilder

11) Brinx Job

12) Forklift

13) Easily Fooled

14) Hit the Plane Down

15) Unfair

16) Summer Babe

17) Conduit

18) Gold Soundz

19) Debris Slide

The link is in the file:

Anybody Can Go: Tracks 1-9 BBC Evening Session 5/15/99. Tracks 10-14 Glastonbury Festival 6/25/99

1) The Hexx

2) You are a Light

3) Here

4) Cream of Gold

5) Ann Don’t Cry

6) Stereo

7) Father to a Sister of Thought

8) Carrot Rope

9) Cut Your Hair

10) Trigger Cut

11) Shady Lane

12) Stereo

13) Range Life

14) Summe Babe

The link is in the file:

Summer Babe: Live in Sacramento, CA 5/19/92

1) Lorreta’s Scars

2) No Life Singed Her

3) Trigger Cut

4) Baptis Black Tick

5) Debris Slide

6) Zurich is Stained

7) Forklift

8) Lions (Linden)

9) Box Elder

10) Home

11) Perfume-V

12) Two States

13) Summer Babe

The link is in the file:


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