Islands Live @ YWCA 12-07-05

Ok, well I’m tired and want to watch Pick of Destiny for the third time because I love it (shut up I’m allowed to have my own opinions about stuff, that’s why I have a blog) , so lets make this quick. Anyway, it’s Tigs and I promised you all (read: no one since no one reads this blog…yet) an Islands show. The Islands are made up of two (I believe) members of the Unicorns. While they don’t have the same musical feel as the Unicorns they are still an unbelivable band and you should all check them out. The sound quality isn’t all that great, but it’s still a really good show.
I Feel Evil (Creeping In)
Rough Gem
Turkey in the Hay
Don’t Call me Whitney, Bobby
Jogging Gorgeous Summer
Come Into My Room
Where There’s a Will, There’s a Whalebone
If (Part 2)
Banter and Sebastian’s Joke
Swans (Life after Death)

And here is the file: