It’s After The End of the World: The Corin Tucker Band

corin tucker bandFirst, I love this record. I should write more about it but I’m trying to write less now a days. All the power and angst of the one time Sleater-Kinney singer is there, but it’s more subtle. I’ve been trying to come up with singer songwriters to compare her too for this album: Paul Simon is just wrong, Neil Young’s a little too easy, Nick Drake doesn’t make too much sense, but Guthrie I like to think is the closest comparison. Soft yet powerful, almost universally enjoyable and incredibly deep. Adam described TCTB as a nice puppy compared to the Cujo that is S-K, but I think of it more of an older dog, a companion you’ve had for years and maybe has a few pups. One that is very sweet and nice but if you encroach on her territory in a way she doesn’t like, or mess with one of her pups, she’ll bite your fucking head off.

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  1. I think the inverted graphic is the best- understated. i just got it, and I read this earlier today.
    best graphic

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