It’s called Consistency…I think

I had a whole other post mostly written then my phone deleted the whole thing but I decided to start another instead.
I’ve spent most of my day between listening to George Clinton (in honor and excitement of purchasing tickets for the Feb 21st show at BB Kings) and Kate & Anne McGarrigle. I was attempting to do a post dedicated to Kate McGarrigle but I just don’t know about the sisters work. It’s a tragedy that the world lost Kate this week, and an even greater tragedy is my lack of knowledge of the sisters music. I have the first two albums which I’ve only listened to a handful of times each. The second album doesn’t seem to get the notoriety that the first does for some reason. They’re both amazing records. Great folk albums. The two sisters have incredible voices that harmonize so well you’d be sure they were…well…sisters…and they are. But it’s Kate’s voice that caught my ear and keeps me coming back. Though this should be the other way around, her voice reminds me of Corin Tucker.
I’m tired.
This train rides just started.
So while I sit here watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail on a very small screen, remember: always look on the bright side of life…and now I’ll probably watch Life of Brian when I get home.