Johnny Tigs Loves Cornershop!

So I had written this review the other day for one of the places I’ve been freelancing recently and Cornershop tweeted about it thanking us! Finally, some sort of validation! It’s been too long here, so I’m gonna re-post it (in hopes they’ll tweet about us too!), very slightly altered, for the 4 people who read this site!

Cornershop – Cornershop and the Double ‘O’ Groove Of Bubbley Kaur

There are always albums that slip under the radar until the moment they are released, or show up in some random box, and your left there with your head in your hands wondering how the fuck you didn’t know this was about to come out because you would have decided to have a party the day it came out. I’ve always tried to keep a close fanaticism with Cornershop but this time I just missed out. Maybe I’m slipping in my old age or maybe I just never really had it to begin with.

Every Cornershop release has left me wanting the next one, starting with When I Was Born For the 7th time and lasting until as far as I’m still breathing. Usually there is a much longer gap between Cornershop albums; maybe that’s what threw me. Arriving less than two years after Judy Sucks a Lemon for Breakfast (the gap between Judy and their previous Handcream for a Generation was 7 years) the latest album by Cornershop, Cornershop and the Double ‘O’ Groove Of Bubbley Kaur is a musical melting pot blending Punjabi folk, British indie rock, hip hop and dance pop. It’s truly something to behold.

This album has been in the works for 6 years, flying completely below my vantage point the entire time, and introduces the previous unrecorded Bubbley Kaur who you will hopefully hear from again and very soon. After hearing her sing at a wedding reception Tjinder Singh and Ben Ayres, the cornerstones (see what I did there) of the group, decided they needed to have her sing with them. She has one of the most beautiful voices you’ll hear on an album to date, unassuming, very inviting, literally a breath of fresh air. Even if listening to singing in a foreign  language turns you off from an album I would still implore you to do yourself a favor and check this out. Her singing is so perfect and warming you won’t notice, feeling that they are lullabies and camp fire songs you have been hearing your entire life. It’ll leave a smile on your face and you may even find yourself dancing with your headphones on in the middle of the street in Greenpoint, BK on your way to Wizard electronics (to see what they’re selling early) without a care in the world, to speak from personal experience.