Johnny Tigs Picks the Greatest Songs of All Time Part 2: The Mekons – Thee Olde Trip to Jerusalem

Another band you’re going to see a lot of tracks from on this unordered list. Give me a second…ahhh yeah. There it is. Thee Olde Trip, from the opening blistering whistle it’s impossible to deny the songs presence. Let me share a story:

Back during one of my many years working at a book/music store we would occasionally mess with the music in the store. We’d put on what we would want to hear or just something to mess with the customers. Christmas music in July was always a big hit. It would get complained about almost immediately by some customer and we’d have to take it off before the barking dogs jingle bell song. Sad. Well what would you do if you had to listen to the same freaking Beach Boys greatest hits every freaking day for 8 freaking hours 5 freaking days a week. And there weren’t even any tracks from SMiLE on this greatest hits, so honestly what’s the fucking point?

I digress.

One of the managers was pretty cool and liked the same music I listened to and he also detested having to listen to the same boring shit all the time. Saturday nights we’re pretty fun usually because the GM wouldn’t be there and if you got a good closing shift you might be able to pull two managers who hated being managers and just wanted to have fun, and the odds were pretty good because a lot of the managers felt that way. So myself and my music loving manager decided that it was time for the Mekons. It’s always time for the Mekons but this was one of those nights where you just sit at the information desk in the center of the store with a bucket of KFC, 3 sides and biscuits all spread out to see what people say. At this point in time the CD player in my car was working and I always carried around a copy of Oooh! (Out Of Our Heads) with me. So we popped it in and stood watching the front doors. A man walked in with his two daughters, ages 7 and 11 roughly. As soon as they stepped through the front doors the song begins. Softly at first as though it’s being recorded on an old tape deck, and as the song slowly begins to form the man takes 2 steps in, looks around the store, grabs his daughters and says they have to leave now, turns and that was the last time we heard from him. Or maybe it was the last time he heard from us. Either way. Mekons rule.