Johnny Tigs Picks the Greatest Songs of All Time Part 3: Nirvana – Lounge Act

By the time this track comes on you’ve already heard all of Side A. You moshed to Teen Spirit, sung along to In Bloom, held your head down and walked around to Come as You Are, jumped up and down to Breed, were stopped in your tracks by Lithium, pulled out your acoustic guitar during Polly and then had to flip over the record. Territorial Pissings blew you away, and you’re still joybombing from Drain You.

All of the sudden a solitary bass lines appears from the emptiness. It’s dark, but you can dance to it. As the guitar and drums break in the song really starts to move while still keeping this dark cloud over it. Cobain sings it differently than any other track you’ve heard. Much softer than Come and much more melodic and smoother than Polly. The band sounds different but it still sounds like Nirvana. What does that even mean? A truly poppy song that zips through the chorus that you can sing before it’s over into the second verse that’s driven by Cobain’s sarcastically popish while still very pissed off voice. As the chorus comes and goes you can feel more fuzz. You think you can hear it but really your bones are starting to shake. Cobain screams into the forefront. His voice rips apart. You think he’s going to lose it but he never does. He keeps it together the whole time. You almost expect him to just throw the guitar down in disgust and say, “fuck this song I don’t want to fucking play it anymore ” but he just wants you to think that. Truthfully he doesn’t care. Or maybe he really did, and that’s why it was so rare that this song was played live.