Johnny Tigs Picks the Greatest Songs of All Time Part 4: The Clash – Complete Control

It’s a simple story really. The record company released The Clash’s song Remote Control without their consent. The Clash were pissed. Instead of sitting back and doing nothing about it they rock out this battle song about the struggle for artistic rights in a world where the distribution of the art is completely up to the business men and if you don’t want to agree with it then fuck you we won’t release your music. Do what we say and if you don’t like it we’ll take it from you and do what we want with it, well fuck you The Clash said. The Clash wanted to start World War III. A battle hymn like non other before it and nothing since has ever come close. There is no freedom once you sign that piece of paper and The Clash discovered. People always tell me, and it seems to almost be a documented fact, that the UK edition of The Clash is better than the US. I always have to hold my tongue. Maybe if the UK release had Complete Control I would think it was truly greater, but it didn’t, doesn’t and won’t ever. Complete Control is truly a once in a lifetime song, and one that will never be forgotten. Happy birthday Joe Strummer. We have all been left with a void in our lives since your passing, but we will never forget you.