Johnny Tigs Picks the Greatest Songs Of All Time Part 7: Rza – Samurai Showdown

I do prefer the Japanese import of the Ghost Dog soundtrack to the US version, except for this song. The song is identical one both except the US version has an extended intro with Rza saying, “Grab you guuUuuUuUuUuUUuuuuun.” Priceless.
The song opens with a very smooth beat, one to meditate off of, with Rza in full form, aggressively rhyming, sometimes so much that the words lose borders. As the song progresses the beat becomes more aggressive, while still maintaining a state of meditation, while Rza polishes his lyrics, and takes a step back in time and slows it a bit. Just because they’re slower doesn’t mean that his vocals are any less powerful. He makes sure you can hear every bit of it, and if you happen to slip off the vocals to catch the beat it’s your own fault for missing the lyrics, but you cannot be blamed for wanting to ride the music to the end. And with my favorite video game reference in a song to date, there’s no wonder this makes the list. Sit down and listen, young grasshopper, there is much to be uncovered here.