Johnny Tigs Stops Listening To Music

Well it’s been almost three months, only a hand full of concerts and not a single post to talk about it. Well I AM SORRY! Adam is way better at keeping up than I am, but if you read my latest post on the bedroom I am going to try and get my shit together to post constantly. It’s the idea of writing that I like more than anything, I need to work on constantly writing. I find myself falling into slups, and these slumps are very very comfortable; they include such things as cable TV, xbox and demonoid. But at the end of the day I could very easily incorporate writing every day and still do all the things that I found while swimming around in my post millenium white bread suburbia slump that I find myself in. It’s also known as being lazy and selfish, but hey I’ve got a now job that is killing me with hours, so I can’t hide behind laziness anymore.

Anyway, there’s a whole other post about where I’ve been, where I am now? I’m at work, typing away on my laptop that I’ve brought in specially so that I can continue to work on writing whilst working on working. So here I sit, watching my back wodnering if my boss will happen to sneak up on me and surprise me, only for him to find his hardworking employee riding the wave and letting everyone know he’s still alive.

And not listening to music.

For those of you who know me and see me around I am usually seen with my headphones on, whether I’m walking down the block, sitting at my desk at work, on the train, sleeping, reading, writing, breathing, during every moment of my life I like to have my own personal soundtrack to keep me going, but recently I’ve found myself taking the headphones off and just walking around. I don’t know what happened. It’s been a recent development. Saturday, actually, I was headed over to Adam’s place to listen to Sing No Evil by Half Japanese for a proposal he is writing. I’ll let him tell you more about that whenever he likes, but on the way there I had a killer headache. It had been brewing from a few hours prior and it was one of those that gets behind your eyes and the only thing that can make you feel better is closing them. I jump in my car and just start driving. I am trying to manage driving by resting one eye while the other is attent, and then switching. Sometimes this doesn’t work either and I just need the few seconds of relief, those are the sacry bits, elongaed blinks. I arrive at Adam’s not listening to music, I hadn’t even taken my music player out of my pocket yet.

Now to be fair I don’t always have my headphones on but I do like to be constantly listening to music, so this has been quite a departure for me. It was the idea of having to put the earphones into my ears and then be overtaken with the sounds that I just couldn’t do, Usually when I have one of these headaches, they are cronic headaches, I try to power through it, close my eyes put somethign soft on to listen to and just keep going about my business but on saturday I just couldn’t do it. That wasn’t going to stop me from listening to Half Japanese with Adam though, so as I arrive we hang out for a few while he finishs up dinner with Evelyn with Home Alone on the TV and I just sit down on the couch and don’t vibrate casting the headache into a dormant state, still there but not enough for it to really aggrivate me. Then Adam puts on Sing No Evil. Headache immediatly cured. Honestly. The pure noise of the album was just so cathartic, there was so much to listen to and so much to just enjoy. There isn’t a dull second from beginning to finish on the album and there was no way that a headache could even be found within walls of a Half Japanese listening party. I’m sure someone would debate me on that, but START YOUR OWN BLOG FOR THAT! Just kidding. Well…you can start one if you want, it would be awesome.

Since then I haven’t listened to music at all. No headphones, no computer speakers, no sound system. I guess you can count comercial jingles as music, and I’ve listened to Halfway Home by TV on the Radio a bunch of times, but just that one song. I haven’t had another headache or anything to stop me from listening it has just been a conscience decision on my part. I don’t know what I’m hoping to accomplish from this but I don’t think I have to accomplish anything. I just haven’t been in the mood for anything since Sing No Evil, except for maybe some more Jad.

I’ve been on the trian every day since which is usually my big listening time but I’ve settled on the sounds of the train and the people around me for enjoyment. I don’t know how enjoyable it has been since I was threatened by a bum for putting on my red hat on the 5 train at 14th street. He keept cursing at me and screaming at me. Then three guys beat the shit out of him. It was nuts. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, get your own damn ice cream!!!!

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