Keep it Going: Adam Does A Top 10 for 2009


Ah Fuck it, I’m doing a top 10 for 2009. If anything, it’ll be something nice to look back on to see how twisted my brain was and is and will be many years from now. A jumping off point, right? I tried to think of a list of top anything films of the decade but I realized not many people would care because my list would go like this: Transporter 1, Transporter 3, Transporter 2, Crank 1, Crank 2, Kill Bill 1, Kill Bill 2, Born After This, We Jam Econo and Punch Drunk Love (actually that would be #1. Move backwards, maybe).

I know no one will notice, but they don’t match up to my top 100 of the decade at ALL. Maybe the last month has given me perspective. Probably not, though.

I’ve written on every one of these bands in some capacity this last year, except Grant Hart, but you all know Grant Hart. He’s the poppy one.
1. Screaming Females – Power Move
2. Children – Hard Times Hanging at the End of the World
3. Dark Meat – Truce Opium
4. Death – For the Whole World to See
5. Slayer – World Painted Blood
6. Nutsak – Failed Musician
7. Sonic Youth – The Eternal
8. Stupid Party – S/T
9. Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers – A Fish Hook An Eye
10. Grant Hart – Hot Wax

Honorable Mentions that I liked a lot, but didn’t fit in:

Double Dagger – More

Cymbals Eat Guitars – Why There are Mountains

Krallice – Dimensional Bleedthrough

Isis – Wavering Radiant