King Khan and the BBQ Show at Santos 8/4

Day 3

King Khan and the BBQ Show
Red Dawn II

Crypt Records 25th Anniversary

Santo’s Parts Place is a 3 level club owned by Andrew WK. The show was advertised as $10, but when we got there the slew of bouncers and hip girls with clipboards told us it was only 10 if we RSVPed and it was actually $15. What a cheap trick Andrew WK. Fucking asshole should burn in hell. The only bathrooms in the entire place are in the basement and the ladies room lights were dead. A lot of drunk girls had to piss in the dark Monday night. The main floor where bands play is pretty cool. There are speakers lining the walls and Mike said it was like the back of McShanes station wagon. King Khan made the same joke, only about Snoog Dogg’s probably nicer car than a station wagon, but…you never know. What with the video DJ? The regular music DJ was very good, Back from the Grave and the like. The first band I thought was called CHUD II but I think they are called Red Dawn II. Allison the drummer is from Awesome Color and maybe the other guy was too, I forget. They get points for being noisy but still not that interesting. Not really the place for them. The next band was the K-Holes. They sounded like a Cramps cover band and the chicks in the band even look like they were at one time part of the Cramps scene. I would have liked them if they went somewhere with their songs, but they all seemed to fall pretty flat. OK enough bitching and let’s get to King Khan.

It took forever for them to get out, but they finally did. BBQ sat down, got his right foot ready on the snare and tamborine, left foot ready on the bass drum, hands ready on the guitar and mic close enough for his angel voice. I forget what King Khan was wearing, but it was gone after a few songs anyway. This club was not really the place for King Khan, I think they would have been better setting up on the floor with us. Their set was awesome, but the sound sucked- mostly just the vocals. Not impressed by the zillions of speakers, Andrew. King Khan plays with two tiny amps and you can’t mic them through your $234987 PA system? King Khan was manic as usual. It’s hard for me to imagine him ever simply hanging out. A quiet night for him is probably gutting a chicken and practicing throwing knives at his wife on one of those spinning boards. Well, whatever the hell that meant- it was an awesome set by one of the best live bands, but it was at the wrong place. Between songs all you heard from downstairs AND UPSTAIRS was mmmCHAmmmCHAmmmCHA. Pretty disgusting for a Crypt Records 25th Anniversary.

Picture-Thanks Alexadan

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  1. I agree the sound wasn’t great, but they made the most of it and kicked some ass

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