Lightning Bolt Rock Your Face

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I’m pretty sure that the title of this post says it all. Lightning Bolt, for those of you who don’t know them, are a two piece group from RI, they never play on stage only on the floor, and they’re louder, faster, harder and more amazing than anything you’ve heard before. Lightning Bolt are Brian Gibson on bass and Brian Chippendale on drums. How to describe them? You know those old Maxell commercials (I think they were commercials and not just a picture. However, if it was just a picture imagine it as a commercial) of the guy sitting in his chair, he turns on the stereo and the music starts to blow everything away? That’s what it feels like to listen to Lightning Bolt with the volume all the way down. Imagine what it’s like loud. Here are two amazing live shows, one with Sonic Youth (how cool). I found these on the net maybe 2 or 3 months ago, and once again I have no idea where from. But here they are, in all their glory, in one file because they’re pretty small:

Recommended Track: 30000 Monkies

Peel Sessions:

1 – Intro
2 – 2 Morro Morro Land (labeled track 01)
3 – On Fire
4 – Dracula Mountain
5 – Bizarro Zarro Land (labeled track 05)
6 – 30000 Monkies (just to reiterate, this is an amazing performance of the song)
7 – Track 07 (I’m not sure of the title either)

Sonic Youth Live With Lightning Bolt:

1 – Disconnection Notice
2 – White Cross/13 Monsters
3 – Ride the Sky

As always the Link is in the file:

Lightning Bolt Website (with live mp3s and such):


PS: I (Tigs) haven’t been posting cause my hard drive went up in flames. With the help of a lot of friends, I have been able to get a bunch of my music back. Thanks to everyone who helped out so far, epically A-train (Adam of Short Wave Rockin‘ fame), Alex, Andrew, Declan, Kyle, Travs and Yates.