Maybe this is it! New song from Mission of Burma

Burma years are the best years. We’ve had three Burma years in the last decade: 2004, 2006, 2009. Two thousand and twelve is a Burma year. The record is called Unsound and comes out in July on Fire Records (not Matador: I’m sure the band has their reasons and they are good ones). The first track, posted above, is called “Dust Devil” and is everything I expected from this album, which is the unexpected. Not really sure what a dust devil is, but I really like Roger Miller’s repeated, “Maybe this is it.” The guitar is herky jerky like all Burma, but hidden inside of it is a pretty standard sounding blues riff. At 1:15, the blues riff takes over, then the rest of the band builds then kills then kills some more. It’s 2 minutes long, which is almost a full minute shorter than the longest song on the last record, The Sound The Speed The Light. I love it. Happy Burma Year. I don’t think this is it for Burma, but if it is their last one, it’ll be worth it.