Well… the New York Giants won the Superbowl. It still sounds kinda funny. The reality has yet to sink in. Have you seen the play?… THE PLAY. Man, it must suck to be a Pats fan. 5 Sacks on Brady. Tuck is the man. Oh well, the Giants Dynasty begins.

So Here it is. The post Tigs told you would happen last week or a couple weeks ago happens now. I’ve been in a Meat Puppets groove lately and so I want to put all the shit I’ve been collecting out there. Some of this stuff is already online on other sites, torrents, etc…. but I did some work and cut up some 1 wav shows into mp3s and other menial things I am desperately trying to mark as important and difficult. Since I have no idea who put these up originally- the credit goes to the band- for existing.

Actually, the drummer for the Meat Puppets- Derrick Bostrom- had some of these on the Puppets website. So the thanks does actually go to the band. I was really stupid and thought I was finding all these rare things in somewhat hard ways and I eventually tracked 2/3 of the stuff I found to 2 sites:

One more thing. You know those lists of best guitarist and solos and such… I put Curt Kirkwood up there in my top 5 beside D Boon. I’d argue and do argue that he is one of the most inventive guitarists in rock n roll history. More important than his one instrument is the power trio. I’m a sucker for power trios and the meat puppets are one of the best. Fuck you Clapton Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce- this is the Meat Puppets.

Lake of Fire Live on the Howard Stern Show

Thanks to Derrick Bostrom, Outtakes from the first 2 magnificient albums:

Self Titled Outtakes 1

Self Titled Outtakes 2

Instrumental outtakes of II (this is fucking awesome- the band doesn’t need words to be amazing)


November 7, 1980 Tempe AZ split up and in mp3 form:

March 26, 1983 Madison Square Gardens

Meat Puppets The Roxy, Los Angeles – 17 August,

Meat Puppets – Radio Meat! WBAI Radio, NYC – April
Acoustic cover of “I Wanna Be Your Dog” by the stooges is pretty cool.

Also From Derrick Bostrom:

No Joke

There is one more thing that you need to download by the Meat Puppets.
Some fan made a collection of rarities called RARE MEAT and it’s amazing. Search for that. The soundtrack cover of “No Values” by Black Flag is great.

Enjoy your Meat Tuesday.