Monday Mourning: Going to Maryland – The Mountain Goats

Ah the 7:17 out of Penn Station headed towards BWI, my friend and foe. We had and decently big weekend here on SWR with a brand new song written and recorded by yours truly. Now, as the sun rises on a new week and we’re propelled at high speeds down the east coast, it is time to think about our lives and the past, as we look back on it growing ever more distant behind us (what!?). Here’s to Monday mornings, waking up at 5am, 4 hours on trains, and (or course) the terrapin state of Maryland (fear the turtle).

the water’s real cool and the water’s real sweet
here’s hoping that no points repeat
because i bet against the chances that you’d ever be mine
laid everything down on the don’t pass line

and it’s a stupid trick of fortune anyway
but the lights are bright tonight
and your eyes shine tonight on chesapeake bay

walk through the water and our feet get wet
and on the dark ended water i see your silhouette
5 dollars says that it’s gone in a minute
5 dollars says that your heart goes with it