Monotonix at the Bodega 8/2/08

Saturday, August 2. To start the 3 day concert series, Evelyn, Mike, Jo and I ventured out to Brooklyn to see the crazy Tel-Avivians Monotonix. The place was called the Bodega, and it looked like just that from the outside. Inside the place was gutted and some nice graffiti covered the walls. The money was how it should be. $5. Free newcastles for an hour. We managed 4 each while we hung out in the basement, reliving our incense drenched days of middle school. (at least I did) Fiasco went on first and made some noise, but I was a little disappointed. They weren’t noisy enough. And I knew what was coming, so they hardly had a chance from the start. I tried, I really tried. A couple 2.50 buds later and Monotonix was all ready.

The hairy little frontman Ami Shalev started the show by screaming down this girl’s throat and picking her up and tossing her on the crowd. It took a single smash of the drums and the ceiling was covered in beer. The scene was what their myspace genre says: Jungle. Only it was more like a jungle getting a shower of napalm while natives ran in circles tearing their clothes off. It is very hard to describe in words. See picture below. I am the one in the blue shirt with my hand on the singer’s wrist. The second picture is Mike in a black shirt pushing up the trashcan. The best part of Monotonix is obviously their stage performance. The music is great, (fuck all you Brooklyn vegan commenters) but live is why people go to see them. Of course, the best part is when they play above the crowd. Mike helped pick the singer up in a trashcan while the drummer sat on his bass drum, all the time screaming and banging and ruling the world. The long trainride home to the Bronx was spent wringing out our shirts of beer and trying very hard to think of any show we’ve ever been to that topped that one.
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