Swinging a Baseball Bat with a Metal Donut On

“Never Died Before” and “Lazy Boy”  7-inch
Recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio, Chicago
2010 Drag City


Because I’m an idiot, I listened to this three times on 33 1/3 RPM until I realized it was not supposed to be this slow. I thought, goddammit, Steve Albini has slowed these Israelis down. This is some weird ass Sabbath sludge. The singing should have immediately thrown me off, but I just thought it was because Ami’s accent. After seeing them live a few times, I’ve learned not to be surprised when it comes to anything Monotonix. I realized my error, pressed the little black button down for 45 RPM and listened again. Holy shit. It’s like swining a baseball bat with a donut on it. Or doing sprints in a pool or jumping with those ridiculous looking shoes on them. When you get to do the real thing, it feels so easy, feels so smooth. It feels right. Like there’s nothing else you should be doing in your life except standing in the center of your room, headbanding and wondering what the hell this madman is singing about. “Never Died Before” is good, but “Lazy Boy” is better.

“Never Died Before” was just recently added to the band’s MySpace. Both songs are supposed to be on the new record out in early 2011.