Morning Playlist

I hate waking up early. The only thing worse than waking up early is waking up earlier. I already have to wake up far too early to arrive at work on time in the morning, and today we all had to show up an hour earlier to help pack a U-Haul for an event coming up I don’t care to promote here or anywhere. An hour earlier doesn’t seem too bad but when your ride to work is already an hour and a half, those extra minutes add up, and these 60 were fucking brutal. After nearly passing out on the train, though that never happens because I’m too freaked out that I would start talking in my sleep and saying weird shit or someone would draw shit on my face like this was a house party, I needed something to listen to that would wake me up and amp me for the rest of the day. Or at least for the next few hours until the loading was complete.

And so it all came down to two albums: Masters of Reality and Songs About Fucking. Fuck frosted flakes, this is how I start my day.