Music With Similar Parts: Fucked Up’s Year of the Ox

Fucked-Up-Yr-OxFucked Up has been releasing EPs for the last 4 years pertaining to the Chinese Zodiac year that it is, and they say they will continue until they have finished all of the signs. I hope so, not so much to keep hearing these EPs but more so they stay a band the whole time and continuously release amazing, deep, layered music as they have been doing. Beginning with a singular heavenly violin and slowly progressing into a repetitive punk out culminating into an orchestratic piece of wonderment that places almost a denouement on the EP, until you realize you’re only 8 minutes into the first song and you still have plenty in front of you. The EP (as with the rest in the series) is a roller-coaster ride, no scratch that, it’s more like an earthquake.

If you’re not familiar with Fucked Up this isn’t the place to start. Check out Chemistry of Common Life or Epics in Minutes first, those are better introductions to the band. But if you’ve already listened to Fucked Up and you’re just wondering if you should check out Year of the Ox or not, well what the fuck are you waiting for? It’s more Fucked Up that you know and love.

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