My Bloody Valentine Live @ Roseland Ballroom 9-23-2008

It was loud, I’ll give them that. But making people wait an hour before they come out onto stage when all the gear is set up and has been ready to play the whole fucking time? That’s just pretentious shit. I guess they figured everyone waited 16 years for them to get together and play, what’s another hour. Obviously they didn’t give a shit and they believed they were owed the $52 ticket after doing nothing for so long. And to all you hipsters in the crowd headbanging and throwing up your hands with the sign of the horns like MBV was some death metal band, it’s more effective when you TAKE THE FUCKING EAR PLUGS OUT OF YOU EARS YOU PUSSY HIPSTER FUCKS. Watta is louder with a single guitar than all of MBV could hope to be.

Set List:

01 – I Only Said

02 – When You Sleep

03 – You Never Should

04 – (When You Wake) You’re Still in a Dream

05 – Cigaretter In Your Bed

06 – Come in Alone

07 – Only Shallow

08 – Thorn

09 – Nothing Much to Lose

10 – To Here Knows When

11 – Slow

12 – Soon

13 – Feed Me with You Kiss

14 – You Made Me Realise



One thought on “My Bloody Valentine Live @ Roseland Ballroom 9-23-2008

  1. Perhaps they thought they were seeing My Chemical Romance???
    They’d need earplugs for that.

    Nice boot Tigs
    nice and fuzzy

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