My Spam, Skip, Fuck the Scum Suckers

Well, first off. I won’t lie about the reason I have more SPAM comments than you Tigs. The reason is, it’s not SPAM. It’s me when I’m drunk.

Let me refer you to Exhibit A. My Post #268 “Wire’s Object 47 is too British”

There is one comment, from a person named opiate addiction signs:

“Really great writing! Awesome post. You are doing great work.”

Yep. That was me. I like to give myself encouragement, and it’s also a way to scam our readers, which we both know full well suffer from opiate addiction signs. When you click on the link, you get this company I founded in 1998 which provides people with fail-safe ways of getting off the opiates for a reasonable (LARGE) sum of money. Such tips (proven methods, really) include:  1.) beat yourself with a hammer every time you think about doing the opiates. 2.) beat yourself with an ice scream scooper every time you think about doing the opiates.  3.) beat yourself with your keyboard every time you think about doing the opiates. and 4.) OK you get the point there’s a lot of beating, but in turn, a lot of CASH for me.

But honestly, I really never noticed that I get the SPAM and Tigs, you don’t. Maybe it’s only on posts that have tags, which I occasionally find the energy to fill out. I could probably find out if that hypothesis is correct, but sometimes it’s best to let hyphotheses hang.

As far as the <Rant>

I got all the way to the bottom and realized I didn’t write that post when I was half-asleep last night suffering from my insomnia that I suffer. TIGS, you’re becoming a cynical morose mother fucker, I love it!

Fuck those assfucks. These last few days, I tried listening to a lot of the big rated flavor of the week rockpop albums (Kurt Vile is one) and have fallen back to my man Skip James. Complete Skip James Early Recordings is all I’ve been able to stomach these past two days. Tomorrow at work, you should bring in one of those big ass 80s style boomboxes and play “Hard Time Killin’ Floor Blues” on repeat. Then if they say that Skip doesn’t have “it,” you should take the boombox and beat them over the head with it. Wow, a lot of beating in this post.  Well, to wrap up, fight the fight Tigs, fuck those scum suckers!